Message from Directorate

Minh Ha Construction Consultant Co., Ltd, acting as a business in the construction domain, is proud to become a qualified brand name in design, bidding and project management in Ho Chi Minh City, other provinces in the Mekong Delta area, and the Southeast region during our journey from the inception in 2020 until now. Talking to Minh Ha Construction Consultant Co., Ltd., clients shall not only think of a companion brand name with big projects from the police and military sector but also accompany with quality, reliability and reasonable prices of services. Those were exposed to many works or projects that we carried out, such as Binh Duong Police Workplace, Sai Gon International University, Hospital 30/4 – Station I, and so on. The mindset for our actions is win-win, meaning that there is a companion with the clients to harvest success in each project. It is a crucial principle that was disseminated to each staff of Minh Ha Construction Consultant Co., Ltd to master when participating in any project the company is undertaking. Concurrently, that is a factor contributing to the stability, solidarity and progress of Minh Ha Construction Consultant Co., Ltd.

Operating primarily in the consulting services, we figure out that people are the most valuable assets of any business. Therefore, when referring to the Minh Ha Construction Consultant Co., Ltd community, it is a “family” characterized by specialization in each field led by individuals in charge of each discipline (Architecture, Structure, MEP, Project Management, Procurement, BIM …) who have professional ethics, high capacity and qualifications. Each member working at the “family” of Minh Ha Construction Consultant Co., Ltd is always encouraged to constantly strive to improve their professional knowledge and learn through associates, colleagues, and the projects they participate in to provide better-consulting services and better quality or professionalism.

Applying scientific and technological advances to the activities of design consultants belongs to the priority of development policy at our “family” Minh Ha Construction Consultant Co., Ltd. The obsolete technologies, such as 2D-based design, are being gradually superseded by new technologies in consulting services, such as 3D-based design. By doing this, we are going forward step by step to apply BIM technology successfully to the design, bidding and project management processes. Every year, we assign members of the Minh Ha Construction Consultant Co., Ltd family to regularly participate in online and face-to-face construction engineering forums or special conferences to access, update, and supplement new knowledge or technologies suitable to our infrastructure.

Another factor contributing to the sustainability of the “family” of Minh Ha Construction Consultant Co., Ltd is the professional working process. It is indicated by the fact that we set out the process and develop a working outline for each discipline, each consulting area with a clear and specific work assignment, and deadlines for each implementation step. The process is designed according to current domestic and international standards and regulations. Thanks to that, we have obtained the Quality Certificate under ISO 9001: 2015 in the fields of surveying, making feasibility study reports, designing, estimating, project management and selecting bidders for civil and IT-application works. We confidently guarantee the quality of products, services and reasonable consulting fees.

In addition to the challenges brought by the Wuhan Pneumonia (Covid-19) epidemic, many new opportunities are opening up and waiting for our “family” Minh Ha Construction Consultant Co., Ltd in the era of the Industrial Revolution 4.0 and more intensely. Thanks to trained people, applied and improved technology, along with the professional working process that we have built, we firmly believe that Minh Ha Construction Consultant Co., Ltd will continue to be a prestigious and trusting band for current customers as well as potential domestic and international customers and partners in the future.

Sincerely yours,

The directorate of Minh Ha Construction Consultant Co., Ltd