Construction packages of Can Tho Riverbank Revetment – Response to Can Tho City Climate Change sponsored by AFD

Some brief information of the project

Can Tho Riverbank Revetment – Response to Can Tho City Climate Change becomes one of the most important projects of Can Tho City, be listed on 5-year intermediate program of public investment (2016-2020) under the Decision No.61/QD-NQ-HDNT dated 09 December 2016 of Can Tho City People Commission. With total capital of just over 810 billion dongs, the project whose the ODA fund has been sponsored significantly by the AFD (Agence Française de Développement) (approximately 470 billion dongs, 58%) and counterpart fund incurred by local government for relevant tax expenditure (nearly 341 billion dongs, 42%) shall invest in constructing revetment of Can Tho River with the total length by 5,160 meters for both riverbanks.

An aerial view of a part of Can Tho River, quoted from the paper “Cần Thơ có hệ thống kênh và sông ngòi tuyệt vời nhất” of Báo Mới

As it completes and operates, the existing riverbank erosion and flood in the project area shall be mediated to city dwellers in the hub. In addition, riverbank invasion shall be deterred to reduce risks of people and properties. Urban beauty shall increase dramatically due to the more scientific relocation of residential, manufacturing, or religion areas, and so on. The synchronization of infrastructures in the project areas is also improved enormously because the antecedent Can Tho Revetment Project has been carrying out incompletely. The project is additionally a benchmark of Can Tho City in absorption of domestic and international tourists in comparison of other complete structures like Can Tho bridge, Walking bridge, Ninh Kieu quay and park …

Implementation progress of construction packages

By the schedule, the works of Can Tho riverbank revetment shall be divided into four construction packages named No.1, No.2, No,3 and No.4. The packages whose bidder recruitment have been done comprise the package No.1, No.2, and No.4 with their scope of each construction package of 1,346 meter, 1,364 meter, and 1,250.3 m respectively. Thanks to the smooth collaboration between the Employer – Can Tho City project management unit for construction investment, the enthusiastic support of AFD and the cleverness of bidding consultant, Minh Ha Construction Consultant Co., Ltd., bid activities and recruited bidders of the packages No.1, No.2, No.4 were carried out successfully. Accordingly, while the joint venture of Southern Investment and Construction JSC. and Ngọc Bảo Construction and Trade Co., Ltd. was responsible for the package No.1, Hải Dương Rural Development and Dike Stone Construction JSC. shall undertake the package No.2 and the package No.4 shall be carried out by the joint venture Đại Thiên Trường JSC – Waterway construction JSC – Vinawaco. Those contractors shall proceed to build up the Can Tho riverbank revetment in 20 months.

The interface of national public procurement system

All preparatory activities of above-mentioned bidder recruitment are deployed via national bidding system at the link Bidding documents of all packages were released on the date 09 October 2019, the bidding closure and bid opening happened simultaneously on 29 October 2019 as well. Apparently, the system contributes much for competitiveness, fairness and transparency in procurement of such public works. Beside that, bidder recruitment via the system is on the right way of technology era 4.0, be accountable for national budget saving and promote to use scientific and engineering applications in construction industry. Although the force majeure of Wuhan pneumonia pandemic has appeared and the remaining package (No.4) shall be conducted late a while comparing to other packages (be estimated in Quarter II/2020), with the cleverness of the bidding consultant in bidder recruitment this package shall be completed in the schedule to make sure that at the end of 2022 the both riverbanks of Can Tho River shall show up two revetments on the left-hand side and the right-hand side in harmonization of back and forth people, crowded businesses and exquisite beauties enjoying the epic of Cầm Thi River.