Organizational Structure 〉 BUSINESS LEADER

Lãnh đạo chủ chốt của Công ty TNHH Xây dựng – Tư vấn Thiết kế Minh Hà gồm có:


Director, Master

- Be in charge of all activities in general.

- Give orientation of business development.

- Give development strategy corresponding to each period and nationally socioeconomic development phase, especially in Ho Chi Minh City and adjacent provinces.

Mr. TRAN Le Quoc Thai

Deputy Director, Civil Engineer

- To represent the Director to carry out rights and general obligations of the business as the Director is absent.

- Being a senior engineer, enthusiasms in consultant career and abundant experience in bidder selection for international-related-factor/capital bid packages.

- Being an expert in bidding consultant with frequent tasks such as preparation of request for expression of interest (EOI), prequalification (PQ) documents, bidding documents, request for proposals; evaluation of EOI, PQ applications, bid documents, and proposal documents.

- Being an expert in carrying out bidding consultant services for construction, non-consulting, shopping, and combined packages by big and small scope.

- Being an online and paper-based bidding expert.